Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom Pro Pretreatment Sprayer

Industrial, state-of-the-art pretreat application sprayer devices. Pretreat garments quickly, easily and consistently at the touch of a button - with zero "out-spray"

If you are looking for pretreat spray automation, the Lawson Zoom-Pro features many cost-savings benefits and provides the ultimate in consistent spray applications. These pretreat sprayers work with every direct-to-garment printer's pretreat solution, and we guarantee your total satisfaction!

This is a completely self-contained spray chamber that features an automatic slide drawer platen for easy shirt/garment loading. The platen drawer automatically slides out to load your shirt on the poly-shirt board, press the start button (or foot pedal) and then unload your finished shirt in seconds. The Zoom-Pro is shipped fully assembled, ready to plug-in and start working right out of the box (air required, not supplied).

Eliminate the learning curve needed to spray by hand to properly pretreat your direct-to-garment items. Now you can achieve consistent and professional results on every garment, every time. With simple air and electric components the Zoom-Pro sprays the perfect amount of pre-treat solution every time, so you get quality prints, day after day, and save on the cost of pretreat solution too.

Pretreat four shirts with the Pre-Treat Zoom Pro in the time it takes to pretreat only one shirt with a Wagner-type hand sprayer.

Reasons to Own a Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom Pro Pretreatment Sprayer

  • A Machine Built by an Industry Leader: The Lawson Zoom Pro is manufactured, backed and serviced by Lawson Screen & Digital Products. We've been serving the industry since 1949 and have been honored with every SGIA Award offered...including the Parmale Award for service and innovation.
  • Simple and Easy to Use - Peace of Mind: The Lawson Peace of Mind Warranty comes with every Zoom and we guarantee your satisfaction - or your money back!
  • Consistency: The Zoom will apply any pretreat solution with total accuracy and absolute consistency. You will also use far less pretreat solution than by spraying by hand.
  • Speed: Automatic application of pretreat solution, can double your production instantly. It is quadruple the speed of manually spraying. Pretreat most items in less than 10 seconds - and many items in only 7 seconds!
  • Quality Prints: The Lawson Zoom sprays the perfect amount of pretreatment every time, on every garment so you get quality direct-to-garment prints, every time, every day. For superior looking prints, you need a consistent pretreat method - and spraying by hand can rarely accomplish this.
  • Common Parts: The Lawson Zoom Pro uses common parts, so your long-term costs are minimized and maintenance is easy to do yourself.
  • Free Training: Although training is not necessary, you are welcome to train at our state-of-the-art screen and digital facility in St. Louis for free. A comprehensive Instruction Manual, loaded with "how-to" photos is included.
  • A Warranty by an Industry Leader: The Lawson Zoom is supported by a complete 1 year parts, bumper-to-bumper, warranty (nozzles/tips and filters excluded) and Lawson's exclusive 24 hour support hot-line.

The Lawson Zoom Pro is easy to set-up and move around. Apply your pretreatment near your direct-to-garment printer, or anywhere that is convenient - there is zero out-spray.

Every Lawson Zoom-Pro comes with a complete 1 year parts warranty and free tech phone and web support. Quality, consistency, and speed are incorporated in to every Zoom sold by Lawson.

The Lawson Zoom Pro will pay for itself by increasing production efficiency, decreased waste, enhanced print quality and in saving realized from using far less pretreat solution. Remember, you're not just going to have to devote less time pretreating, you're also going to get the quality, consistency, and speed that come with every Zoom-Pro.

Images of the Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom Pro Pretreatment Sprayer

Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom Pro Pretreatment Sprayer - Drawer Open

View of the Pre-Treat Zoom Pro shown with the slide drawer in the open position. Foot pedal is standard.

Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom Pro Pretreatment Sprayer - Maintenance Panel Open

View of the top of the unit with the maintenance/spray chamber panel open.

Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom Pro Pretreatment Sprayer - Control Panel

View of the easy-to-use LCD control panel with easy settings for all spray parameters.