Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke Pre-Treatment Sprayer

Pretreat garments with an economy sprayer quickly, and easily - great for both dark & light garments.

Available in 2 different models - Manual and Automatic

If you are looking for an inexpensive pretreat sprayer, the Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke is an excellent choice. This bench model sprayer (optional floor legs available) will work with every direct-to-garment printer's pretreat solution.

Simply pull the platen drawer out, load your shirt on the plexi-shirt board, return the platen to the start position and then press the start button - and then unload your finished shirt in seconds. The Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke is shipped fully assembled, ready to plug-in and start working right out of the box (air is required, not supplied).

Eliminate the learning curve needed to spray by hand to properly pretreat your direct-to-garment items. Now you can achieve consistent and professional results on every garment, every time. With simple air components, the Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke sprays the perfect amount of pre-treat solution every time, so you get quality prints, day after day.

So what is the difference between the Easy-Stroke Manual and the Easy-Stroke Automatic?

On the Easy-Stroke/Manual you manually pull the drawer out, load your shirt, and then simply push the drawer back in to control the amount of pretreat solution deposited on your t-shirt.

On the Easy-Stroke Automatic, everything is totally automatic. All you do is manually load the t-shirt by sliding the platen-drawer in and out - the spray and Y-Axis movement is all automatic.

Reasons to Own a Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke Pre-Treatment Sprayer

  • A Machine Built by an Industry Leader: The Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke is manufactured, backed and serviced by Lawson Screen & Digital Products. We've been serving the industry since 1949 and have been honored with every SGIA Award offered...including the Parmale Award for service and innovation.
  • Simple and Easy to Use - Peace of Mind: The Lawson Peace of Mind Warranty comes with every Easy-Stroke and we guarantee your satisfaction - or your money back!
  • Consistency: The Easy-Stroke will apply any pre-treat solution with total accuracy and absolute consistency. You will also use far less pre-treat solution than by spraying by hand.
  • Speed: Automatic application of pre-treat solution, can double your production instantly. It is quadruple the speed of manually spraying. pre-treat most items in less than 10 seconds - and many items in only 7 seconds!
  • Quality Prints: The Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke sprays the perfect amount of pre-treatment every time, on every garment so you get quality direct-to-garment prints, every time, every day. For superior looking prints, you need a consistent pre-treat method - and spraying by hand can rarely accomplish this.
  • Common Parts: The Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke uses common parts, so your long-term costs are minimized and maintenance is easy to do yourself.
  • Free Training: Although training is not necessary, you are welcome to train at our state-of-the-art screen and digital facility in St. Louis for free. A comprehensive Instruction Manual, loaded with "how-to" photos is included.
  • A Warranty by an Industry Leader: The Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke is supported by a complete 1 year parts, bumper-to-bumper, warranty (nozzles/tips and filters excluded) and Lawson's exclusive 24 hour support hot-line.

The Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke is easy to set-up and move around. Apply your pre-treatment near your direct-to-garment printer, or anywhere that is convenient - there is zero out-spray.

Every Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke comes with a complete 1 year parts warranty and free tech phone and web support. Quality, consistency, and speed are incorporated in to every Easy-Stroke sold by Lawson.

The Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke will pay for itself by increasing production efficiency, decreased waste, enhanced print quality and in saving realized from using far less pre-treat solution. Remember, you're not just going to have to devote less time pre-treating, you're also going to get the quality, consistency, and speed that come with every Easy-Stroke sprayer.

Images of the Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke Pre-Treatment Sprayer

Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke pre-treatment Sprayer - Drawer Open

Shown with manual slide drawer extended for garment loading. Also shown with optional floor legs and casters.

Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke pre-treatment Sprayer - Rear View

This rear view shows the air-cylinder spray drive and the mounted 2 quart pretreat fluid canister, and air regulator.

Lawson Pre-Treat Easy-Stroke pre-treatment Sprayer - Pressure Gauge

Mounted Pressure Gauge also features adjustable pressure control and 1/4" quick-snap on air hose fitting.