Lawson Digi-Star Direct-to-Garment Dryer

The Lawson Digi-Star is an energy-efficient convection-air combo dryer that utilizes state-of-the-art curing technology, and is specifically designed to cure digital, water base, and plastisol inks. The Digi-Star Dryer is a "universal live-air" dryer that will even cure solvent-based inks too.

The Digi-Star combines color-blind infrared with a blanket of recirculating jet-air. It's compact design allows for maximum production in a small amount of space.

Because the Digi-Star is so energy efficient, the warm-up time is only 10 minutes.

The Digi-Star is ideally suited for curing digital inkjet DTG prints for the textile industry. The Digi-Star may also be used with plastisol, waterbase and all direct-to-garment inks. The Lawson Digi-Star great for production applications where space is at a premium and true convection air is beneficial.

As with all Lawson equipment, the Digi-Star is part of Lawson's unique Trade-In, Trade-Up program, so you never have to worry about out-growing your dryer. This unit will provide the professional results your customers demand for properly cured DTG garments, and all types of plastisol and water base ink.

Reasons to Own a Lawson Digi-Star Direct-to-Garment Dryer

  • Cures Inkjet/DTG, Plastisol or Industrial Waterbase Inks
  • Extremely Energy Efficient
  • I.R. + Convection Air
  • Compact Design
  • "Smoke-Free" Design
  • Powered Exhaust System
  • Lawson's exclusive "Cool Touch" Design and Insulation Package

Images of the Lawson Digi-Star Direct-to-Garment Dryer

DigiStar InFeed

View of the front of the Digi-Star Dryer Model #2410 with a ten-foot conveyor belt.

DigiStar ControlPanel

View of the Digi-Star Dryer Model #2410's easy-to-use control panel.

DigiStar GlamourWithBlowers SMALL

View of the smaller Digi-Star Dryer Model #1805 with a shorter, 5-foot conveyor belt.